Disaster Preparedness Resources for the Community of Sisters, OR

Black Crater fire, central Oregon. Gary Miller/Sisters Country Photography

Sisters Country is a bit off the beaten path. We like it that way. But that doesn’t mean we’re always out of harm’s way — in fact, our relative isolation can make us more vulnerable.

When natural or man-made disaster strikes, all the conveniences we take for granted, from electricity to easy access to food and water, can be disrupted. Emergency responders will be stressed and unable to reach everyone in need.

A little pioneering spirit will help you and your family, your neighbors and friends weather any crisis. Some simple preparation will make us Sisters Country: Prepared & Ready.

This site provides resources for training, supplies and help for disaster preparedness specific to the community of Sisters, Oregon.

Thank you to the organizations and businesses that are putting time, effort and money into bringing awareness, resources and action to prepare our community. We recognize them all here, and throughout this website to highlight the resources they offer.